Fostering Entrepreneurship

Together we can Make Things Better by making Better Things.

The social-cultural-political context within a country must foster conditions to generate entrepreneurial opportunities and capacity for entrepreneurship – in particular, the skills and motivation.

Availability of financing for new entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship friendly regulatory policies and opportunities for entrepreneurship education are key conditions of an ecosystem that fuels overall national economic growth through individual enterprises.

We aspire to be a key agent in building such ecosystems for economic development in societies!





Job Seekers

Service Providers

Partner Seekers

Deal Makers

Aakpreneurship for Wannapreneurs!

How can Aakpreneurship help wannapreneurs?

Aakpreneurship aims to partner with firsttime tech entrepreneurs in B2B & B2C at idea/bootstrap stage. What do we offer to aspiring (wannabe) entrepreneurs:

  • Micro-Funding
  • Work space
  • Talent capital, Manpower
  • A Developer Platform
  • Dev Lab
  • Alpha Hosting
  • Misc. leverage, value adds (Strategy, Direction, Biz Mgt..)
  • Periodic on-demand infusion of RESCUE funds along the runway
  • Sweat Equity
    in several areas including: Product Evangelizing & Management, Awareness & Traction Generation, Technology, Administrative..
  • A countable Entrepreneurial Partner or more and Strong Ones (it works for 1 founder ventures too!)

We will run with you for each milestone on the way and extend a dependable shoulder across challenge domains along with our Talking the walk and Walking the talk!

For aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Whose primary motto or MISSION IS SOLVING THE PROBLEM or filling the gap identified.
  • Who will be content enough as long as their SHARE OF WEALTH & CREDIT/FAME is intact or assured.
  • Who will ENJOY THE JOURNEY and will be truly satisfied with accomplishing the mission more than other goodies.
  • Who are more open to share, partner, team up and win as a team (make it bigger, increase chances of wining etc.).
  • And who CAN BE FLEXIBLE with the rest (couple of things we are specific about because of our long term philanthropic/beyond business motivations, success is greatly assured on the other hand).
  • Solopreneurs looking for co-founders, partners and more..
You may reach us through email at